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Frequently Asked Questions About Bathtub or Tile Refinishing and Resurfacing

If I have my tub refinished how long will it last?
Our technologies provide long lasting finished surfaces. You should expect 10-15 years worth of service from your refinished fixture.

How long does it usually take to refinish a tub?
Usually about four hours with a follow-up visit.

My tub was refinished by someone else and is peeling.  What happened?
Most likely you have a surface bonding problem. The company that refinished your tub most likely used either inexpensive, inferior materials, and/or poorly trained personnel. At Advanced Bathtub Refinishing we only use the finest materials and our technicians are highly trained.

Is it possible to refinish a fiberglass tub enclosure?
Yes. Fiberglass or gel-coat tubs require a different type of etching process but once completed are just as durable as regular bathtubs.

My fiberglass tub has a large crack in it. Is it ruined or can you fix it?
No, your tub is not necessarily ruined and yes, it is definitely fixable.

How long must I wait to use my newly refinished tub?
About 24 hours.

I heard that when a tub is redone, it gives off an odor.
There is reduced odor with our system.

I use my tub to dye my hair. Will it damage or stain my newly refinsihed tub?
No, your new finish is resistant to hair coloring chemicals.

My ceramic tile tub enclosure is a really dated color. Can it be recolored?
Your bathroom tile can be recolored to any color you want. We use the same long lasting refinishing process on your tile that we use on tubs.